How does my student receive financial aid?

All financial aid funds are first applied to pay student tuition and mandatory fees for the current term. If applicable, charges for housing and dining will be paid next.  Once these charges are paid in full, any financial aid in excess of these costs will be refunded to the student to use for other educational expenses, such as books, etc. Students may authorize WSU to deposit their refund into their bank account by signing up for direct deposit through zzusis, otherwise refunds are sent via paper check to the student’s preferred mailing address listed on their zzusis account.

When should my student expect financial aid to be delivered?

Financial aid will be delivered no earlier than the start of classes. Financial aid availability is determined by the date your student’s file is completed and reviewed. Direct deposit may take up to three business days once funds have posted to your student’s zzusis before the actual funds are available in your student’s bank account. If your student does not live on campus, you may want to reserve funds from their refund to pay off-campus living expenses.

How can I view my student’s financial aid information?

In order for a parent to view a student’s financial aid information, Third Party Access must be authorized by the student through zzusis. Students must use Third Party Access to authorize a parent or other third party to access their official student records, including financial aid information. Students will designate which information to share and Third Party Access is read-only.  Once Third Party Access is granted, parents may contact the Student Financial Services Office in person, by phone at 509-335-9711, or email at for all questions regarding their student’s financial aid award.