Washington State University’s Student Financial Services (SFS) has unveiled a new online tool called Coug Compass, which is viewable to parents and students at cougcompass.wsu.edu. This tool serves a variety of purposes, but its primary function is to provide prospective students and parents an estimate of the financial aid they can expect for the upcoming 2014-2015 academic year. Note: Financial Aid estimates and actual awards are posted online only and will not be sent via postal mail.

The Coug Compass provides useful financial education-related resources and links as well as a student’s current financial aid estimate—right online! This estimate pulls information from the student’s Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and generates an accurate overview of what aid will be available to that student for the coming year. Keep in mind the information displayed can change if a student’s FAFSA file changes, so don’t be surprised if estimates change a bit as your family finalizes tax figures through www.fafsa.gov or during the file review process.

In order to get the most accurate financial aid estimate and ultimately receive aid, students need to check zzusis frequently, taking action on their ‘To Do’ list items as quickly as possible. It’s critical that all documents and forms requested by SFS are completed and submitted by May 15 in order for students to receive the most aid available. In addition to checking zzusis for any new ‘To Do’ items, students should check their email often in the coming months to be sure all is in order in terms of their FAFSA and financial aid account.

The Coug Compass is housed on WSU’s Student Financial Services homepage (finaid.wsu.edu) and available directly at cougcompass.wsu.edu. Students will need their network ID (NID) and password to view their estimate. For assistance creating your student’s network ID and password, please visit zzusisinfo.wsu.edu.

Exciting times lie ahead for students who want to join the Coug Family and Coug Compass will help lead the way!