Transfer Your Credits

Transferring your credits to WSU

Transfer course equivalency

WSU transfer equivalency database

If your transfer courses were taken on a quarterly system, you'll need to convert them to semester credits to see how your credit hours match WSU requirements. Simply multiply your quarter credit hours by .67 to determine how many semester credits you'll receive.

"Washington 45" transfer courses

The Washington 45 agreement makes it easy for you to transfer pre-approved first-year general education courses from one college to another in the state of Washington.

Click here for a list of "Washington 45" transfer courses.

Business, engineering, and architecture

The University's programs in business, engineering, and architecture require specific prerequisite courses for certification into the major.

See how your transfer work matches the prerequisites and plan ahead:

Transferable degrees

Depending on the degree and the college, you may be able to get an associate's degree and transfer with credit for the WSU general education (UCORE) requirements.

Some two-year degrees can transfer directly into junior standing at WSU.

Click here for more on transferring an associate's degree.

AP, IB, and CLEP credit