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Crimson Crew

We are proud to welcome your student to Crimson Crew, WSU's exclusive program for students who have been offered admission by November 10, 2014.  Your student should be receiving a special Cougar gift in the mail soon, if it hasn't already come.  Each month, we will continue to send WSU souvenirs to the Crimson Crew

That isn't all!  Continue reading to learn how your student can get the most out of being a part of the Crimson Crew!

WSU Admission Counselors

Admission Counselors: Not Just for Students

WSU admission counselors crisscross the western U.S., visiting high schools and college fairs, meeting students, answering questions, and helping with the application and college decision process. Chances are an admission counselor has had a hand in your student’s contact with WSU at some point. Admissions counselors don’t only help students; they can help you—in addition to your student—with a wide range of questions related to the college decision.

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The Senior Year Matters

Now that your son or daughter has been accepted to WSU, there is still a lot for both of you to think about this coming year. It’s important to strike a balance between senior year activities and staying on track with college preparations. There are dates and deadlines to meet, ongoing senior year activities, and many tasks to be done. Here’s how you can help your son or daughter make the most of their senior year.

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Stretch your College Dollars with Scholarships

Washington State University (WSU) makes every effort to recognize its diverse student populations and understands college is an investment in students’ potential and future success. Scholarships are an excellent way to assist students in paying for their education.  These funds don’t have to be repaid and are basically “free money” for the student.