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Much of the information here is applicable to all four WSU campuses (or to any university). However, the WSU-specific information applies to the WSU Pullman campus. For more on the University's other locations, visit

Contact your regional Washington State University admission counselor for answers to your questions, to arrange personal advising appointments for your students, or to schedule an admissions and scholarship presentation for your community.

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Student Financial Services: Everything students need to know about Financial Aid and Scholarships

Washington State University is committed to making higher education financially accessible to students and their families. Through a partnership of state, federal, institutional, and private programs, the University provides more than $228 million in undergraduate scholarships and financial assistance each year. Find out details about WSU financial aid and scholarships, and what you should expect to pay for your education.

Schedule a Visit

There are several opportunities for students to visit campus throughout the year. While here, students can meet with faculty, get to know other students, tour a residence hall, attend a game, and find out what the community of Pullman holds.

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Don't miss out on these important dates and deadlines that are crucial to your admissions process.

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