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General Studies Program
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This division of the general studies program is for students whose primary interest in humanities requires interdisciplinary programs and course selections that study human culture as manifested in literature, languages, history, philosophy, art, or music. Students in the general studies program play a major role in developing the curriculum for their degree.

Strengths of the program
  • Courses introduce you to the record of human creativity and provide a basis for assessing its value and significance in human development.
  • Study human culture through a variety of disciplines.
  • Play a major role in designing your own degree.
Requirements and core courses

Humanities general studies program

Students in this program work together with an advisor to devise a coherent program of study that fulfills an academic or career goal.

You provide the academic and career goal, and your advisor helps ensure that your program of study includes any prerequisites for the 300-400 level major course work, satisfies the university's general education requirements, and meets any additional requirements of the College of Liberal Arts.

A general studies program can be organized according to two general plans.

Plan A: Primary/secondary concentration

Complete at least 24 semester credits, including at least 15 300-400 level credits, in a single department or major (must be in a field of the humanities).

Complete a minimum of 15 semester credits, including at least six 300-400 level credits, in a second academic department or program. The secondary concentration (much like a minor) can be in any area offered by WSU.

The eventual degree you receive will depend on which degree program your primary concentration belongs to.

Plan B: Three related areas in humanities

This plan combines courses from three or more academic departments or programs in the humanities. (A minimum of nine credits in each of the three areas, including at least 21 300-400 level credits; 39 credits total.)

Students will major in general humanities and will receive a bachelor of arts in humanities.

Note: See the WSU Catalog for degree requirements and talk with your academic advisor about planning and scheduling your courses. All students must meet requirements as outlined in the catalog in order to graduate.

Scholarships and financial aid
For students in humanities

Students can apply for University-level scholarships and more than $50,000 in scholarships awarded by the College of Liberal Arts.

For all students

A variety of state, federal, and university-sponsored programs are available to help students with educational costs. Washington State University awards millions of dollars in financial aid and scholarships to students every year based on financial need, academic merit, or a combination of the two.

Students should complete the Washington State University general scholarship application and the FAFSA to ensure their eligibility for the widest range of scholarships and needed-based financial aid.

For information or to apply for financial aid and scholarships from WSU, see the Scholarships and Finances section of the WSU website.