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Academic and research programs at WSU are organized into 11 college divisions. For deeper information about our academic programs, scholarships, and research opportunities, check out the University's college home pages.



10 reasons WSU libraries are an asset to your education

  1. Friendly, knowledgeable staff — expert reference librarians and subject specialists are there to help you find what you need, no matter what subject you're working on.
  2. Remote access to library resources from anywhere with an Internet connection.
  3. An extensive media collection, including music CDs and feature films on DVD.
  4. Wi-Fi and Ethernet ports throughout all the libraries.
  5. Enormous library databases, including full-text articles.
  6. Interlibrary loan: If we don't have it, we'll get it for you fast!
  7. Four-way reference: library reference desks, e-mail reference, phone reference, and online "real-time" reference.
  8. Internationally renowned Special Collections.
  9. One-button, one-stop-shopping for full-text online resources via our SFX system.
  10. You want good grades, don't you? (Thought so.) Then check this out: it wasn't filmed in our library, but it could've been.
Research Opportunities in the Sciences ...


You can do research. Yes, you.

Whether you're thinking about grad school or your first career job, consider doing some mentored research while you're here.


Having research work on your resume says that you're motivated, smart, and have the hunger to learn. It can teach you skills you'll never learn in a classroom. And it can open up opportunities you might have missed otherwise.

Faculty-mentored research experiences are available to students in ALL majors — not just sciences. There are opportunities year-round, for students at every level.

Find your research opportunity.


Research opportunities for science majors

The Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program at WSU provides students the opportunity to spend a summer doing research with WSU faculty on cutting-edge, NSA-funded projects. Some of the REU sites at WSU include:


Follow in Einstein's footsteps and explore the nature of the universe.

Materials and optical physics

Push the limits of nonlinear optics and revolutionize the speed of information.

Regional atmospheric chemistry

The Mobile Atmospheric Chemistry Laboratory, invented at WSU, advances the science of predicting air quality and tracking climate change.

Novel states of matter

Explore a branch of physics where normal doesn't apply.



... who care about your success

WSU's renowned scholars include:

  • Don Dillman, the father of modern mail and telephone research methodology
  • Brian Kemp, who gets students involved in studying ancient DNA and helps them track their ancient ancestry
  • Michael Delahoyde, who brings Shakespeare to life in his classroom

These people don't just talk to you from behind a lectern, they work with you to help you realize your full potential.

Choose a subject, choose a professor. We're pretty certain that you'll find something here that piques your interest, whether it be studying Shakespeare, building bridges, or traveling for international business.

The Rewards of the Honors College ...

Honors College

What do you get when you combine the best of a small liberal arts college with the immense resources of a major research university? The WSU Honors College, of course.

Challenges for strong scholars and creative thinkers

As an honors student at WSU, you will:

  • Engage one-on-one with excellent professors in small, discussion-based classes
  • Immerse yourself in new discoveries through community service projects or your own academic research
  • Be eligible for additional scholarship awards from the Honors College
  • Earn a certificate of global competencies to add to your degree

Honors rewards

The honors experience comes with plenty of personal rewards — now and in the future:

  • You're part of a distinct community in a world-class university environment.
  • Future employers won't even have to ask you to step outside the box, because you'll already know how to think creatively across the usual divides.
  • You'll also have developed a strong ability to employ critical reasoning and research.
  • You could earn national recognition for your achievements—nearly every year, at least one WSU honors student's research gets published in a scholarly journal.
  • An Honors College certificate can open doors to prestigious graduate and professional programs nationwide.

Study abroad

Four ways to widen your world

Education abroad isn't just one single thing or program — there are literally hundreds of opportunities. Whatever way suits you best, the WSU International Programs office is devoted to helping you get going. It's a life-changing academic adventure you don't want to miss.

Machu Picchu by Molly Wakeling
Paris, France by Steven Schramm
Rome, Italy
Canter Jenna
Tamil Nadu, India
by Stella Kiarie
Scotland, UK
by Julia Serva-Del Monte